Welcome to the H.B. Plant High School Choral Department!

cropped-814add6d-7327-4db3-80cd-11e8df79a9ef.jpegH.B. Plant Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Bruce Yost, is one of the most prestigious choral programs in the state.

NEXT UP… Rick’s Too/Senior Showcase/Finale

May, 4th 2018  at 6:30pm in Plant Auditorium!

DON’T MISS THE PERFORMANCES… THEY ARE GONNA BE GREAT! Ricks Too will feature auditioned acts and beginning Women’s and Men’s chorus classes. Senior Showcase/Finale events include senior solos, duets and group acts.


Tickets on sale soon!

There is also an opportunity to buy tickets at the door … but we do get a sell out crowd so purchasing online is a guarantee you will have a seat!

Some performances during the year include:

    • Madrigals – A Renaissance Themed Feast and Revel with performances catering to more than 1000 patrons
    • Winter, Fall, and Spring concerts


We encourage you to join Charms to stay connected with all events, sign up to volunteer at events, sync the chorus calendar into your own calendar, and more! For more information on joining Charms, check out our Charms page. 

We hope you find this website informative and helpful. Thank you for your interest in and support of Plant High School Chorus!