H.B. Plant Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Bruce Yost, is one of the most prestigious choral programs in the state.  With more than 200 students in the choral program, students participating in chorus are involved in many other activities at Plant including sports teams, service clubs, Student Council, National Honor Society, and other student and leadership organizations.

Some performances during the year include:

  • Madrigals – A Renaissance Themed Feast and Revel with performances catering to more than 1000 patrons
  • Winter, Fall, and Spring concerts
  • A weekend of auditioned acts singing Broadway show tunes called “Rick’s Cafe”
  • One-night Senior Showcase and Finale events featuring solos, duets and group acts
  • Solo and Ensemble Festival and District Competition

Read about our amazing director, phenomenal groups, and our hard-working officers.